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Creating & Unlocking Digital Assets!

Serving Scores of Salaried Employees and Employers and Growing! 

Whether It's Easy Access To Creating & Monetizing Digital Assets or Facilitating Getting Short-term Credit at Ethical Rates Straight To Your Bank Account, Kyvu is Your Hassle-Free Solution! 

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Kyvu partners with third-party NBFCs, banks & leading Web 3.0 platforms to create and unlock Digital Assets for salaried employees via third-party Ethical Loans, Data Analysis, NFTs, Rewards and much more!

At Kyvu, we embrace the evolution of financial freedom. 

The modern salaried employee wants to earn and save through digital assets but needs help in creating them & then converting them into real-time spending power.

Kyvu, through its channel partnerships and platform, helps create & unlock the value of an employees' digital assets for use in the everyday world! 

We partner with third-party NBFCs, banks and web 3.0 platforms to help salaried employees create & monetize digital assets, get ethically priced short-term digital salary driven loans and much more, using the information employees themselves share about their digital asset holdings and earning streams. 


Ethical Credit

Digital Salary & Asset Driven Loans at ethical rates delivered straight to the bank account.


Web 3.0 Access

Access to creating & monetizing Digital Assets from your own Digital Data!


Just Getting Started!

Our pipeline includes exciting products such as Kyvu User-Loaded Visa cards, Alt-Data Credit Scores, Rewards, etc. 

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A simple and smart platform product pipeline bringing financial inclusion which creates & unlocks digital asset value for salaried workers everywhere 

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Ethically Priced Short-Term (>90 days) Loans 

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Kyvu Alt Credit Scores

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Digital Kyvu Visa Cards With Rewards 

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Control & Security

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New Age Digital Asset Analysis

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What we offer
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Start Using Kyvu Today

Whether you are an employer or an employee, Kyvu's proprietary technology solves for your needs seamlessly! 

Our Process Is Salaried Worker Led:  

(1.) Employees DIRECTLY submit their own KYC, asset and income flow data as well as any applicable digital content and other related information to determine their eligibility.

(2.) Employees benefit from our ethically-priced products and tools that help them on their own digital asset creation and monetization journey.

(3.) Employers need not directly provide any  employee data and our product is at no cost to them.

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As an Employer
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As an Employee
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Our Story & Our Dream

Drawing on decades of cumulative financial, technology and emerging market expertise, Kyvu's team believes holistic Digital Financial Inclusion is not just a social impact mission but a fundamental right! Whether it's new-age Web 3.0 Assets, Metaverse-Driven Wallets, CBDC, DeFi, or fast-growing traditional credit and bank products, the future is here!

Our dream is to become the Technology Backbone of an Inclusive Digital Financial System that bridges evolving new-age technology with salaried employees who can safely earn digitally, create and sell assets digitally, pay bills and taxes digitally, save digitally and enjoy life digitally.

Kyvu's vision is to become the key that creates and unlocks the value of an employee's digital assets in an ethically-priced and transparent structure across geographies and the socio-economic spectrum for everyone's benefit.

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Our Innovative Technology

Kyvu's technology platform works hand-in-hand with salaried employees, employers, payment rails and web 3.0 platforms to offer seamless solutions and financial freedom to employers and employees.

Kyvu employers, employees and partner financial platforms include enterprises across both the United States and India and focus on various industries with a particular emphasis on the global IT/Technology, Finance and Service sectors. 

Our proprietary technology enables most eligible employers and employees to be onboarded in less than ~24 hours with minimal hassle!  

For a free demo, please contact us today.

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We are Hiring !

If you are someone who does not accept the status quo and is excited about helping bring financial freedom to others, contact us!

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